Miss Representation and the Bachelor

Miss Representation is a documentary on the representation of women in media and society today. It discusses important topics such as hypersexualization, the perpetuation of female stereotypes, and the lack of taking women seriously. The same way the documentary examines popular media and society can be used on the media seen in class, especially the Bachelor.

The Bachelor is a good example of reality televison and its representation of women. Women on the Bachelor are typically oversexualized and expected to compete against each other based on looks, personality, and other features that would make them the “ideal wife.” The women on the show fight against each other to win their engagement to the one man, the bachelor. They are expected to look sexy and beautiful and to act in a way that will win over the bachelor. This representation perpetuates the objectification and hypersexualization of women, as well as the standards and stereotypes placed on women in society. At the same time, there is a very unifying and supportive feeling to the show, especially the episode watched in class. The women stood by each other and supported each other against the bachelor and his decision to go back on an engagement and propose to another woman. There are positive and negative aspects in the Bachelor when looking at it the way Miss Representation examines popular media.

How does reality television perpetuate the stereotypes and hypersexualition of women in media?


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