XXY-Lucía Puenzo

XXY tells the story of an intersex girl named Alex. The film discusses gender identity and sexuality in a coming of age story. It makes a statement on how gender is not determined by physical attributes but instead by the person and who they feel they are.

Alex throughout the movie challenges gender norms and what it means to be a woman. In one scene she decides to stop taking her medication that stops testosterone, telling her mother she’s tired of taking it and pretending. Throughout the movie Alex struggles with trying to accept her body and tries to find herself. Everyone around her debates over whether or not she should get surgery. Her mother, the plastic surgeon, and the surgeons wife all discuss whether or not it would be best for her to get the surgery or not. Alex’s father is the only one who realizes that it is her body and her identity that she needs to discover. The scenes with Alvaro and Alex discuss sexuality and whether or not genetalia equates to gender. Alvaro struggles with questioning whether or not he’s gay if he had sex with Alex even though she is a girl. The movie discusses important topics on gender identity and sexuality throughout the movie.

Do you think the movie accurately portrayed struggles with gender identity and sexuality?


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